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  • Ideas create a business
  • How Does A Business Works?
  • What I need To Start A Business
  • How Companies Use Information and Communication Technology?
Before starting a business, it is recommended that you drop down some ideas, and gather ideas from friends and family. Since, friends, family, and neighbors are
usually your first customers, it is important to know what they think about your business ideas and how your business ideas can meet their needs. Therefore, it is
suggested to gather as many ideas as you can, for example, researching ideas on the Internet is a start because you can find business ideas, and new markets.
In addition, asking neighbors to give their opinion and provide suggestions to your new business idea is highly recommended because if your neighbors like your
idea they will buy from you. Starting a business, you need to know who is your customers; therefore, ask around the community and conduct surveys and
feedback from your audience. Having events on business ideas, topics, these also are great ideas because you can collect product information from your
There are several things you need before you can start a business, for example, a quality products or
services everybody can use, financial funding, great customer service, a business plan and marketing plan,
and lots of business resources. Here are some sites you can visit before starting a business as follows:

U.S. Small Business Administration

They have resources to help you get on the right track for your business, such as, how to create a
business plan, business forms that need to be filled out, financial funding’s, and many different types of
resources that you need to register, and align with regulations and compliances.

  • Starting A Business


  • Grants - Small Business Administration


Register your business


  • Conduct A Business Research    


  • Conducting Market Research? Here are 5 Official Sources of Free Data That Can Help


  • Research and Statistics


  •  Research Issues


  • Create a Business Plan

  • What I need To Start A Business?
  • Human Resources Management
  • How Companies use Information and Communication Technology?
Information Technology is software or hardware that provides users with information about a device, web page, company and/or another thing to do with the
Internet and/or telecommunication. Using Information Technology software or hardware over the Internet, users can send and receive through emailing and/or
through a software that send and received information. Also, they can store and retrieved data from a database.

Information and Communication Technology are largely used among small, midsize and large business. Many companies use Information Technology to build an
infrastructure for their organization; on the other hand, they use Communication Technology to reach the internal and external community of the organization.
Having the proper Information Technology Infrastructure can solve many issues in a company, and provide the company with innovated technology to compete in
the world of business among competitors. When needing an Information Technology Infrastructure, it is important that all the components of the Information
Technology is delivery of best practice. An Information Technology Infrastructure requires WAN, LAN, wireless, switches, routers, ethernet, cable and/or wires,
Internet Service Provider, and computers. In most rural areas, a network topology is used for best practice.  
  • Ideas Create A Business
  • How Does A Business Works?
For a business to work, it needs to conduct a business research and plan, marketing strategy, a business structure, EIN, a registered business, and other
documentations and business resources are needed to make a business work. In addition, it needs a management team, workers and customers, products,
resources, suppliers, technology, distribution channels, and financial stability. Therefore, it works by selling goods and services for a profit. They also plan a
process, method, and system to deliver these goods and services. In addition, it depends on a strong management team to meet the goals and needs of the
customers of the organization. Also, employees who are willing to work extra hard to meet the needs of customers and meet the goals of the organization. The
organization plans a management solution to carry out certain tasks to gain profit for the company, and research resources to meet the needs of the customers.
Moreover, management is the key of every successful business because management directs, guides and instruct the functions and operation of the company for
sustainability. Companies need in the community to provide resources that needed in the community that otherwise the community will have no way of getting
resources to meet their hierarchical needs. In addition, each country has different resources that another country can use. This is why people trade with others to
meet the needs of the global economy.

Business is a company that sell and buy products or services to provide to the general public. There are many different types of industries, and a list of these
industries can be found at BEA. The BEA covers not only industry data, but it also provides information about other things such as goods and services, real GDP,
Personal Income, News, and a glance at the economy. This is an excellent resource site. You also can find information globally on trade and investments.
However, it is highly recommended site to learn about the different industries, investments, goods and services. Especially, for those students who is studying
Business Administration, this site will provide you with lots of information, resources and statistics that related to your academic research project.  
However, it is recommended to have something free at your events, especially, food or drinks. People enjoy events that serve foods and drinks. Most of the time
having something for free, people is guaranteed to attend the event. On the other hand, to spice up the event, you can have more than one topic to discuss, but it
is recommended that you have your audience decided the discussion because discussing something that interests your audience will increase your audience.  
Sometimes, you can have a discussion that agrees with your audience and also introduce a business idea. Next, it is important that your audience has the same
interests as you have because if the audience does not have an interest in the topic they become boring and most likely they will never attend another event you
give. Then, if the audience does not like your topic and/or event, then they will tell others about how terrible your event and discussion on a topic here and
discourage others from attending any event you give. Yet, it is recommended that you collect information and conduct a research on your audience and their
needs and give them what they want to hear. However, having different topics and grouping people who share the same interests recommended good; therefore,
you can separate people into groups at the event that share the same interests of the group.  On the other hand, make sure you collect the foods and drinks your
audience enjoys so to make them happy so do not forget to ask them to do a survey on food choice for the event. Because you do not want to serve food or
drinks, nobody likes, this is a sure way to prevent coming to your events.
Human Resources Management is the method, process and system used to create a reinforcement
employees’ environment through training and development. In addition, it provides benefits to workers in
exchange for their services. Human Resource Managers act as liaison between the employees and
management. They are also responsible for interviewing, policies, regulations, and other compliances,
ethics and providing description and titles for each employee based on experience and education the
human resource manager sets a pay rate for each employee. Furthermore, the human resource manager
is responsible for improving the work environment, and take responsibility to solve issues among the
internal staff.
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