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Before researching or tutoring, our clients want a consultation. With the consultation, clients ask questions. They
have questions about either an academic research, or tutoring in a subject. Then, we collect information from our
clients. We provide a consultation form to give us some ideas about the research or tutoring in question. We discuss
the matter with our clients. Moreover, we give them advice and negotiate cost to our client.
Who is Our Clients
Students, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, and non profit organization are our clients. They have different needs for a consultation, research
paper and tutoring in a subject.
How We Meet Deadlines?
We collect information from our clients.  We measure the time with the amount of time it takes to do a project. We tell our clients with we can do. We give them a
time when we can complete the project.
It really depends on the task of the job. Some jobs are small and quick. Some jobs are large and take more time to complete the task. We give our clients
alternatives to pay for services. Some clients have a budget. A client who has a budget. We work with them with their budget. Some clients want to pay by the
hour. We work with clients who want to pay is the hour. Some clients want to put a down payment on the project and pay monthly for their services.
Therefore, there are three ways to pay for services.

1. Budget
2. Hourly
3. Down Payment/Monthly Payments
Budget payments are offered to small and large business. Small and large companies have budgets that is authorized by their company. However, the hourly rate
is offered to small projects. Students pay hourly rates due to the size of their projects. Down Payment/Monthly Payment is offered to small and large companies.
Some companies contracted with only down payment/monthly payments because this is which the matter, they do business with all their vendors.
All jobs are delivered on time. We have three methods to get projects to clients:

1. Email
2. Mail
3. Fax

Our clients tell us how they want their work send to them, and we deliver the work.
Need A Website! We Can Build It For You. We use the latest technology to design and plan your website meet your goal and the need of
customers. Ask Us About Out First Time Offering for New Clients.
Need to promote your website. We can offer your company the State-of-Art in Technology that finds quick solutions to conversion. We will analyze
your website, such as, SEO, SEM, Create Blogs, website speed, geographic and demographic, check for broken links and more we have to offer
you to improve your overall performance, increasing new customers, and making a profit.  
We do more than consultation, researching, and tutoring. We Build and Optimized a Website. We provide consultation for business start-up. We
can help you become an entrepreneur.
We have lots of research on this site. Search our site search in the left corner side on top of this paper to find more content. Some of the
contents you find relates to the site, but there are other contents that are not related to this site, but it has a great source of information if this is
what you are looking for.