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Our clients request different types of professional services, such as, consultation, research, tutoring, business events, and educational instruction
Analytical Management
Business Title Description
The Analytical Management position is called a management
consultant. This occupation improves an organization's
efficiency by advising managers on how to make organizations
more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.
Financial Advisors
The Financial Advisor provides information that gives
advices on investments, insurance, mortgages, college
savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement to help
individuals manage their finances.  
Accountants and Auditors
They are responsible for preparing and examining financial
records so that financial records are accurate and that taxes
are paid properly and on time; in addition, they assess
financial operations and work to help ensure that
organizations run efficiently.
Business Tools
Each Business owner needs tools to either start a business
or manage an existing business. Before you can manage a
business, you must start a business. Starting your business
right from the beginning prepares you to make important
decisions and organizational changes that are both efficient
and effective. Each business owner or starting up a new
business needs a business research and a business plan, if
you conduct a business research than create a business
plan, you are on the right road to success.
Business Researching and Planning
Business Hardware and Software
Each Business needs hardware and software. Hardware
and software ensure the quality of products,
performances, accurate accounting, keep existing
customers, and create new customers. These products are
extremely needed in a business because businesses to
track down important information that allows the
economic growth and sustainability. They also help make
important changes in the organization so to make the right
decision that is profitable to the organization. Many
companies are using hardware and software that meet the
needs of the organization, and to analyze different
problems in the organization by using analytic solutions
with positive result, so the organization can measure the
quality of the products, the increase of customers, and to
prevent losses. Selecting the right hardware and software,
there are some difficulties in choosing the product because
of competition and budgets, most small businesses run on
this type of situation because they are not able to
compete with larger companies because larger companies
have the resources which these resources are not available
to small businesses. Moreover, many large companies use
outsourcing to do some of the work.  However, small
businesses do not have the funds to hire an outsourcing
company to take in the slack of work because it is often
not in the budget, and smaller businesses work alone or
have one or two employees.
Infrastructure & Operations Manager
The manager is responsible for all servers, storage,
telecommunications, and network systems, and system
security. They need to understand bioinformatics and
research support, spatial technology, plus library and
information management services, and support provide
everything from robotics to RNA sequencing to UAVs and
other sensor data collection system. They have knowlege of  
infrastructure (servers, storage, facilities, networking &
appliances), network administration, network engineering,
client environment engineering, designing, and implementing
plans for enterprise architecture to ensure the appropriate
capacity, and responsible for disaster recovery, business
continuity, and system/network security.
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Financial Management Training and Development
Business Management Training and Development
Financial Managers
The Financial managers are responsible for financial reports,
direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans
for the long-term financial goals of their organization.
Executive Business Owners
The Executive Business Owners are the head person with senior
managerial responsibility in a business organization. He or She
devises strategies and policies to ensure that an organization
meets its goals. They plan, direct, and coordinate operational
activities of companies and organizations.