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Business Administration & Information Technology
Business is conducted every day, whether buying grocery, or going to the ATM, or paying a bill. When buying from the grocery, customers want to buy quality
products; therefore, the company is responsible for meeting the needs of the customer. Many customers use the ATM to either withdrawal cash or deposit cash in
either a saving or checking account. Paying bills are electronically most customers find the electronic method of paying bills convenient and easy, plus it saves
them time and money. Therefore, banking institutions are responsible for keeping money in the ATM and managing deposits of customers making sure that each
customer that deposit or withdrawal cash from the ATM is accurate and managed. Banks are obligated to manage customers’ funds, and keep the ATM available
for cash and/or deposit and other banking task made by the customer. Having to do either of these tasks is doing business daily; therefore, business is exchange
money for products or services. Business is also done online, for example, a customer’s purchase a product online and he or she is expected to receive the
product through the mail at their address. The customer is sure that the product will come to their home because they had paid for the product in advance.
However, it is up to the online company to guarantee to deliver the product to the paying customers. Looking over the entire involve in business, it is exchanging
money for either selling or buying goods. On the other hand, there is a reason and purpose of selling and buying products. The reason for a business is to meet
the needs of customers and provide products they need otherwise they would not have the product if the company does not provide them with the product making
the product available to them.
  • What is Business?
On the other hand, customers have a purpose for the product this is why they buy the product. In every business, it is two important components of business that
a company needs to know about a product or service and that is the reason and purpose for the product or service. Having a clear understanding and knowledge
about a product or service, this will meet the needs of customers and provide the company with economic growth, success, and sustainability. In addition, products
and services are important to any business to keep the business operating and servicing the community and its needs. However, there are more to having a
business. You need a reason and purpose for your business. It also must be regulated under business and governmental regulations. You also need to research
and plan products and services to keep up with your objectives and goals of the organization. In this paper, you find different resources and information related to
business, building customer relationship and other related topics related to business. Yet, customers look for quality products and services, but they also look for
prices. Therefore, it is recommended to research products and services for quality, and compare prices with competitors, and create a pricing method that
customers are willing to pay for a product. Customers also want discounts, sales, and products, incentive to buy products, so, it is important that your product your
customers with buying products incentive.
  • How Presentation Essentials Make Money For the Company?
There are three types of presentation tools that make money for the company. The three presentations are oral, written and Power-Point Slides. Oral Presentation
is when a representative of the company attends an event of audience and explain the goal, product and plans of the company. In an oral presentation, it is
important to hold the attention of your audience or they would get bored and ready to leave the presentation. You do not want the audience to leave the
presentation until it is finished. Therefore, it is important to interview your audience before inviting them to your presentation to get some ideas on what they want
to know about the goal, products and plan of the company. You also want feedback on suggestion about the goal, products and plans of the company. Getting
feedback helps you better understand your customers’ needs and you are able to meet these needs because you have information that apply you with knowledge
of customers, and they need. In an oral presentation, you should know what type of audience you are addressing, for example, demographics, environment,
education background, and financial status. Knowing these things about your audience helps you to present a presentation that interest your customers,
customers also has humor and you need to learn your customers’ humor also in order to entertain and keep the attention of your audience. Therefore, you need
to be a great entertainer as well as an excellent representative of the company. In addition, your oral presentation should be rehearsed in front of a small
audience this could be your co-workers, managers, friends or family, but you know to rehearse your oral presentation before presenting it to the audience.
Rehearsing your oral presentation to help you familiarize yourself knowing the reason and purpose of the presentation, it is also a better preparation practice
before the actual presentation. Before you conduct your presentation, it is also a good idea to write an outline of the oral presentation to have handy with you at
the presentation. Next, written presentation is also a great way to present your products to an audience. Written presentation is also great for customers who are
not able to attend the oral presentation. By providing unattended customers, you can provide them with a transcript to the presentation. The transcript of the
presentation allows customers to experience the presentation first hand, and they also can give your feedback and suggestion on your presentation. You can also
give your audience that had attended the oral presentation, a copy of the written presentation, so they can keep it and give your feedback and suggestions.  In
addition, you can put your Oral, Written and Power-Point presentation on your website, so to provide information to a wider audience. It is also important to attend
as many as events, workshops and presentations, so to provide you with ideas on conducting a presentation. Researching presentation over the Internet also can
provide you with ideas how to present a presentation, it is highly suggested because there are lots of information related to conducting presentations.  Then, a
Power-Point Presentation is a great way to introduce your products, goals and plans to your audience and investors. However, it is important that your
presentation is well thought out before presenting the slides to an audience. It is also important to have statistics, graphics, and sounds to impress your audience.
It is also recommended that a presentation has a theme like in a play. Having a theme, it needs to have a topic and it needs to have an artistic representation of
the company meaning that it needs to tell a story. In addition, the team needs to have a distinctive quality and character that represent your company. Music also
can be part of your theme, especially before you present your presentation to the audience. Getting music suggestions for your audience and also sell your
products and plans to the audience, the music is great for the mind and helps it simulates. Moreover, you want to involve your audience in the presentation, so
think of things that will have your audience participate in the presentation. You do not want an audience to just listen to what you have to say, but you want
participation and involvement in the presentation; therefore, it is suggested that you tell your audience that you need their participation in the presentation before
presenting your presentation. Also, it is recommended that you give gifts to your audience before and after the presentation and have short breaks in between the
presentation, and you need promotional items representing the company and give them to the audience. Promotional items representing the company can be
given before and after the presentation, but drinks also can be given before and after the presentation; however, treats need to be given at the end of the
  • Human Resources Management: Compensation and Benefits
Human Resources Management is an essential to any size and type of business, and providing compensation and benefits solution are ways of helping your
company grow healthy. Management is obligated to provide the best compensation and benefits for the internal and external environment of the organization.
Everybody needs human resources, and it is a need even for external environments of the organization.  When management is responsible for human resources,
it is recommended that they understand the needs of humans and provide products and services to meet those needs of the internal and external environment. If
an employee needs compensation and benefits, he or she needs these compensations and benefits to meet their hierarchical needs and their family needs. This
is why it is important to understand how compensation and benefits help promote business growth, economic growth, and keeping customers through a healthy
strategy by providing the best human resources on the market meeting the needs of humans. In addition, healthy employees perform better than employees who
are not healthy. Like healthy customers buy more products than unhealthy customers. Therefore, it is important to have healthy employees to provide healthy and
quality products and services to customers to also keep them healthy both physical and emotional.  Having excellent compensation and benefits to employees,
employees and their family are happy and when employees are happy customers are also happy. However, it is recommended that management, conduct
research related to compensation and benefits to meet the needs of employees and customers for increasing customers, profits and sustainability.  Also,
management needs to create a compensation and benefits plan before delivering compensation and benefits package to the internal and external staff of the
organization.  Compensation and Benefits Packages need to meet the needs of a diverse cultural meaning physical and psychological needs as well as one’s
characteristic, belief, and languages. Compensation and Benefits packages should compare with different organizations, so to provide the best for employees and
families, and also to compete against other companies for employees.  
  • International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
  • Laws & Compliances
  • Getting Started
  • Wholesales & Suppliers

International legal and ethical issues in business are different in each country. Because each country has its own laws and culture, this is why the legal and ethical
issues are different.  Before doing business in a different country, it is recommended that you conduct a research on legal and ethical issues concerning each
country you plan to do business with either online or offline.  In addition, International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business is not only different because of the
legal and culture in a country, but also the political systems, each family child to adult development, influences from each individuals’ internal and external,
religion, different belief systems, and other fundamental and development process and influences of each human are different; therefore, to understand the
international legal and ethical issues, you need to understand the languages also which different from country to country, and research other characteristics of
each country, but even in a country, international legal and ethical issues in business can still have issues because each country is broken down in section of the
country, for example, in the United States, each state if different as to culture, laws, political systems, and other characteristics of each state; therefore, it's
recommended that you research the area in which you are doing business.
  • Management Information Systems
Management is a task that conduct and supervise the Information Systems of the organization. The manager is responsible for improving business through
planning, directing and guiding and securing the Information Technology Enterprise. They also manage and hire employees with experience or a degree in
Information Systems. Management also aligns management and information to perform communication and knowledge of the Information Technology Enterprise.
Management collects knowledge from stakeholders of investigation, studying and instructing users of the Information Technology Enterprise. Therefore, they
collect data, facts and evidence related to the Information Technology Infrastructure. In addition, they monitor the character of communication systems and
computers, which represent data, messages, storing, retrieving, and security, authorization and authentication. Yet, they are responsible for quantitative
measures of the content of information that is uncertain in the outcome of experimental performance. However, users continue to interact with the system, for
example, using a group of devices, artificial objects and/or network, especially for distributing information and/or serve a computer system. On the other hand, it is
important to collect doctrines, provide innovate ideas, principles that are intended to explain the arrangement of the working system and how it aligns with the goal
and users of the organization. Next, Management Information System is called Information Systems Security Mangers. They are responsible for Information
Technology Security supporting the programs and systems of the organization. Therefore, they develop and maintain system security plan, ensuring that the
systems are operated and maintained, ensuring configuration management is maintained and documented.
They also manage access to the systems and ensure users are aware of their security responsibilities; conduct periodic reviews to ensure compliance with
Information systems, and will work with special security issues and interact with management, but the requires are AS/BS degree either in Computer Science,
Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, or and 3 years of more of IT Security Experience. Components of Management Information System are
Operating Systems such as Linux, Windows Server/client OS, and virtualization technologies; however, scanning tools are used like NESSUS, SCAP, RETINA,
WASP, SECSCN, audit reduction tools, and endpoint security products, and understanding compliances and other certifications, for example, NIST 800-53 / Risk
Management Framework (RMF), Joint SAP Implementation Guide (JSIG), Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503, National Industrial Security Program
Operating Manual (NISPOM), and Chapter 8 Joint Air Force, Army, Navy (JAFAN) 6/3. This job is called System Administration; therefore, studying Information
Technology open the world of opportunities and careers with different titles and task depending on the organization. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself
with DoD because it is a required for most employers.
Understanding and gaining knowledge of managing an Information System, many of these positions is available and the title is either a computer and/or
information system manager, but other titles are related to the Management Information System. Most people who manage an information system have a degree
in Management Information System. Management Information System can involve Information Technology and Information Communication Technology. However,
these managers are called Information Technology managers, and they plan how the technology is used and training users on the technology. They also
coordinate employees to work on a project management, conducting different tasks related to Information Technology Infrastructure and/or Information
Communication Technology. Therefore, the Information Technology manager is responsible for directing, monitoring and guidance the function and operations of
the Information Technology Enterprise, ensuring that each assign personnel is meeting the goals of the organization. Moreover, the manager is responsible for
the compliances and security of the Information Systems. In addition, they make decision on Information Technology Infrastructure and goals of the technology;
moreover, they are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet the goals of the organization.
  • Why A Certification is Important in Information Technology?
A Certify Information Technology Professional tells the employer that you have been not only have a degree in Information Technology, but you have been
certified as an Information Technology; however, it is recommended that your certification aligns with the title and task position of the organization.
It is recommended that you learn the Laws,
Regulations and Compliances for Information
Information Technology Professional is
recommended to have information about
wholesales, outsourcing, suppliers and
vendors. The reason and purpose of vendors
are for emergency backup of files.
Starting an Information Technology
Business, it is recommended that you
have a solid background in Information
Systems, Information Communication
Technology and Information Technology
and you are certified especially if you
only searching for employees in the
related fields.

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