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Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Administration & Information Technology
Paperless operation helps and protect our environment by reducing the number of trees that are cut down to make paper products, and reducing other use of
material resources to make paper products. For example, use email to deliver messages, and to send information about our website reduce the number of trees
that otherwise will be cut down to produce paper products. In addition, the website is funded by the owner of the site building a website to build the community, and
help others achieve a degree that they can share with the community, and/or by providing a free website by helping students to find limited information, and short
description of academic studies to continue research on a topic for assignments and/or project. In addition, our goal is to provide academic subjects that help
starts students thinking on a subject to research to complete assignments and/or projects. Providing these services, it not only serves the community, but the
entire globe. We also volunteer our time to research free college education online to provide to users of the site. In addition, we volunteer our time to research
information and a short description on academic subject that will support students in their academic studies. In addition, the website provides teaching videos on
the subjects mentioned on the site to help students understand and learn the subject to achieve their academic goals. Moreover, we conduct research for events,
webinars, and workshop related to the subjects on this website.
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