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Criminal Justice Systems
Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Criminal Justice Systems
In the Criminal Justice Systems, criminal identifies either a crime that had been committed and/or felony or misdemeanor related to a degree(s) of a crime(s). Next,
Justice identifies either the legal or illegal behavior(s) or fair or unfair treatment(s). Justice also identifies found in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, States’
Constitution, Municipal Laws, Common Laws, and Civil Rights’ Laws. In addition, justice identifies a fairness, including honesty, ethics, and equality.  In a court
environment, justice is revealed either in an Administrations, Attribution, Martial, Admiralty, U.S. Supreme Courts, State Superior Courts, and/or lower level of
courts. Then, there is level of governmental officers that identifies act of behaviors and relationships to a crime under the allegations of suspicion(s), and theses
officers are, for example, local, state, federal law enforcement officers, and the other hand, correction officers, security officers, maritime law enforcement
specialists, U.S. Department of Justices, D.A., Home Land Security, military law enforcement officers, sheriff officers, U.S. Marshals, and/or other law enforcement

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