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Cultural Studies
Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Cultural Studies
They are identified by ideas and theories, including information related to generations, arts, music, food, occupation, and education. Also, biology, history,
psychology, sociology, architecture, languages, religions, governments, laws, hobbies, sports, games, entertainments, luxuries, interests, arts, genders,
anthropology, philosophy, the human kingdom, animal kingdom, and plant kingdom provide information related to culture. Therefore, culture is a belief theory.  
The reason is to explain and understand culture. Explaining and understanding culture, the purpose is to identify the belief system of ideas to explain culture,
especially, the ethics, principles, and integrity are an independent of the institution to be explained. Culture is also a suggested idea and/or theory. Moreover,
each culture relates to either individual and/or a social group that identifies a belief system, laws, social forms, traits of a racial entity that relates to relationship,
and religions. Each entity of either a culture and/or individual relates to relationship that develop a characteristic of either a group and/or individual.  Identifying
attitudes, values, goals and practices, they are a part of each culture, and characterize either an institution or organization like in
business culture.  In business,
different languages are a major concern for communication. Because people speak different languages, businesses all over the world had issues that affect a
company’s communication for success. Therefore, languages are extremely important for the success of a company. In culture, they are different social practices
associated with the internal and external environment. Understanding the internal and external environment of an individual provide information that identify the
characteristics of an individual, culture or group, information is the key to identifying culture.