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Information Technology
Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Interface Design for Web
It is important to understand three important topics about Interface Design for web, for example, Wireframe, Web Design, and Accessibility. These three important
topics provide links on this site to learn more about the three most important topics to know before designing an Interface Design for the web. Now, Interface
Design for Web is when the web designer designs the site to meet the need of the users. In designing an Interface, it is recommended that you gather information
from users to understand their needs for using the website.  It is also recommended to design a web that is easy and quick to find the information needed by the
users. Too much information on a website can also slow down the uploading time, which if there is slow uploading time for the web to upload many users are
ignored by the amount of time it takes for a page to load, and a slow uploading time also affects your web metrics. Metrics are extremely important because it
analyzes the operation of the web and provide information about your users; therefore, it is better to have a few websites that users can visit then having one slow
website that serve no purpose. Moreover, a simple website with easy access to information is the best solution for users. Users do not let to waste a lot of time
searching for things on a website so designing the web that users can use without wasting valuable time is highly suggested. Before, designing a website for
users, it is recommended to create a Wireframe. A Wireframe will give the users an idea how the design of the website will look once it is designed. When creating
an interface design for website, it is recommended that you conduct a survey and meetings on the Interface Design for the web. Gathering information from users,
this helps the designer understand the needs of the users and create a site that meets the needs of both the users and the organization.  On this page, it
provides information related to Interface Design for the web so to provide you with as much as information as possible to design the best Interface to meet the
needs of users.
  • Web Site Construction
It is important to arrange a clear idea of what type of functions, and images that the users and the organization want on the website. The Website construction will
include the contents, software, and navigate on the site. Before starting a website construction, it is recommended to gathering information from your users. After
gathering information from users and listing the development tools, contents, and navigation bars that you want as part of the construction work, it is time to start
your construction work on the web design. Like a construction company, customers want a construction company to build them a house. So, the customers tell the
company how they want the home design and what they want in the home and how many rooms they want in their new home. When ask to build a website
construction, this is a large website and it requires time, and lots of data. Therefore, it is important that you know the type of data users and organization want on
the website. For recommendation, it is recommended to write down a list of things that users and the organization need on the website, and the list of things will be
on the website. Then, it is recommended to go over the things suggested for the website by users and organization to make sure this is actually what they want on
the website. Building a Website Construction, it will include the theme, colors, images, videos, large amount of data, feedback, pricing, products or services, and
other software request by the users and the organization.
  • Management Telecommunication
The Management Telecommunication manages, direct, guide, and oversees the Information Technology Infrastructure. The telecommunication includes switches,
router, wireless, computers, LAN, WAN, Internet Provider Service (ISP), FCC, websites, database, firewall, virus, IP, cable, security, installation, telephones,
satellites, broadcasting, network topology, project management, and telephone. It also complies with governmental compliances for Information Technology. In
addition, it is recommended to keep systems up to date improving the system with the State-Of-The-Art in technology to compete in competitions. Gathering
information from users and stakeholders and understanding their need of system, it is extremely important to meet the needs of users. Working in the
Management Telecommunication, you are expected to manage contracts and agreements with ISP, and equipment vendors and suppliers. It is also important to
monitor the operations and performance, identifying complex network environment, risks, and developing mitigation strategies so to improve the overall
operations. In addition, make decision on technology and give recommendations related to the components of the Information Technology Infrastructure.
Moreover, it is important to implement policies, procedures, documentation, compliances. Work within the budget for upgrading the infrastructure and/or network
and keep up to date with the lifecycle process. Furthermore, it is important to coach, guide and train internal staff of the organization. Next, it is important to create
reports of the entire operation of the infrastructure, providing also an analysis reports to identify areas of concern, such as, network connections, network
capabilities, network infrastructure, and recommendation for the system. Then, it is important to have a disaster recovery plan. It is also important to create an
Information Technology Proposal. Contacting vendors, outsourcer, consultant, they are highly recommended to ensure the quality, performance and operation of
the technology used in the organization. It is also important to conduct research on management, telecommunication for the latest technology system, and
solutions. Also, it is important to understand network hardware, protocols, standards, including TCP/IP v4&v6, and privacy practices and laws.
Components of Information Technology (2017). 4.1 HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. In Shodh Ganga.
Retrieved November 14, 2017. From
  • Define Information Technology
Information Technology is the term used to identify and describe many different usages of hardware and software. Software is associated with physics. In addition,
it is a programing language used to either give instructions to a computer or used in a database to store and retrieved information. Also, it is used to send and
receive messages over the Internet. The Internet is also a form of physics. On the other hand, hardware is physical properties, such as, tools, disk, machineries,
equipment, computers and/or anything that you can see, or touch with your hands. According to Components of Information Technology (2017), Information
Technology (IT) is the creation, storage, selection, transformation and distribution of information of many kinds, but according to the Technology Association of
America (ITAA), it is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software
applications and computer hardware, but it is also known as information of data, records, electrical, audio, video, wires, cables and telecommunication which is the
objective of Information Technology; on the other hand, the components of Information Technology are hardware and software and/or computer technology
(Components of Information Technology (2017).
  • Why is it important to test the
    speed of your website?  
What is the price for designing a
There are two types of website design, for
example, Template Customization, and Web
Construction. Template Customization is
cheaper than a Web Construction (Customer
Website Design).  The different to the designs
a template website is pre-design so the
designer has less work to do. On the other
hand, a web construction requires more work
than a template design because the designer
develops and design the website based on
the needs of the company.  Therefore, a web
construction is much more detail, and it takes
longer because of all the details need to build
the site.
It is important to test the speed of your
website because it allows you to know how
long it takes for your website to upload.
Since, most users do not like to wait for a site
to load they usually just find another site
similar to use to find the information they
need; therefore, it is recommended that you
test the speed of your website.
  • Why do you need a tracking system?
Tracking system allows you to know track
down a website that had some type of
connecting to  your system and/or your
system had visited a website. It also keeps of
employee who visit different sites. Therefore,
managers know how the tracking system
connects to other sites.
  • Why Companies use Analytic
The reason companies you analytic
tools to monitor users and their
performance of their site. Also,
management can make changes or
improve the site to meet users need.
However, management knows
geographic of users and knowing the
geographic of users and what
performance that had used using your
site can help you better understand
your users and the needs of users.
  • Sample of Wireframe
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