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Networking Information Technology
Business Administration & Information Technology
Network Information Technology has different main components, for example, exchanging information, computer network, information security, networking
architecture/ environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation, defining, documenting, and enforcing standards, and it applies
advanced technical principles, theories, and concepts,  Information Communication Technology, data, Management Information System, and applications. It is
also a process, method and/or innovated technology for information storage. Information Technology is the main operation and function which produce
information, security information, transactions, and build databases and website for storing and retrieving information.  In the Network Information Technology, it is
called computer networks. Therefore, a Network Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. In addition, the network is called a
data network infrastructure that require operations and security. The responsibility is to be accountable for the entire network, maintaining service level
commitments, and supporting the communication technology. Moreover, it is recommended that the network is troubleshoot and resolve complex technology
issues, and comply with the network standards and/or compliance. Networking Information Technology is to develop a design network and an architecture to align
with security, redundancy, scalability and meet the performance goals. Performing configuration that aligns with policies and maintenance on the Firewall and
virtual private network (VPN) devices are demanded.
  • What is Networking Information Technology?
Therefore, it is recommended to innovate a plan that aligns with the network for best practice. In addition, responsible for a network includes maintaining
management, and upgrading the network infrastructure, and implementing network, and the disaster recovery process and have a continue business plan for the
network infrastructure. As a network administrator, it is important to monitor metrics, and submit management reports, and seek outsourcing company as well as
vendors to resolve issues and/or analyze designs, and the goals of the Information Technology aligns with the organization. Next, it is recommended to familiarize
yourself with understanding frameworks, leadership, VOIP technologies within 802.11 infrastructure, and connecting with outsourcing companies, cables, fiber,
coax, and wireless, and distribute antenna system (DAS) network.
  • Project and Team Management
  • What is Networking Information
  • How do you plan a Project and
    Team Management?
  • What is Innovation in
    Information Technology?
  • What is an operating system?
  • Objective Oriented Application
Planning and information are essential to building and managing a project. Planning a project manager for a project to be completed and align with the goals of
the organization, it needs to be carefully planned, and need accurate information about the project. For example, an Information Technology Infrastructure
Project, the project needs all the tools to build an infrastructure. These tools consist of software and hardware. In project management, many companies use
different type of project management software, for example, the Project Management is a software by Microsoft. It is easy to use and provide detailed information
and analytics from the start to the completion of the project. Building and managing a team is a complex task because as the manager, it is important to know each
employee’s knowledge, skills and experience before assigning them on the project. Therefore, it is recommended to select an employee who meets the
requirements to work on the project. Each member of the team has a special skills and knowledge about their jobs, and these skills and knowledge you want to
know and learn about before building a project that needs to be managed. First, it is recommended to brainstorm the goals and needs of the project. After
brainstorming the project, it is suggested that you create an outline of tasks that need to be completed in the project. Collecting information for each employee
working on the project, this is a great idea because you will know how to distribute assignments to each employee. Yet, building a project and managing a project
is not an easy job because sometimes people do not work together; therefore, in your plan, it is recommended that you know your employees and who they like to
work with. Knowing who your employees like to work with can make your job easier, it is recommended that putting employee with other employees who is like
minded is a great idea. In addition, managers need to create start time and completion time for each project, and provide information about the budget for the
project. They also need to plan a meeting to get feedback from the stakeholders, and get lots of information from employees who are assigned to perform a
certain task. Outsourcing a project manager is also a great idea because they can help with organizing the project and doing most of the presentation at the
meetings, managers who hire an outsource company often experience a good outcome of the project. In addition, outsourcing company that gives a presentation
to your employee, the employee usually listens to what they have to say because they are an outside source, and employees are known to give more feedback,
share knowledge, and give suggestions. In addition, in planning a project, it is recommended that your team communicate with each other and you need to
mention this at the meeting how important it is to communicate with each other.  Researching information about project management that was successfully
completed by other companies, this is a great idea, especially if the project is similar to your project. It is also important to invest in a project management software
who provide support in using their products. In addition, companies need to train managers in how to use the project management soft to meet the goals of the
company. Having a backup plan for an employee who has an emergency and prevent them from working on the project, it is extremely important that managers
can replace employees to complete the project. Also, the team needs to know who is in charge when the manager is not present.  In addition, it is important to
have a layout of the plan and a project management software. Front-line employees are a great idea because they work with the manager to carry out the plan
and complete the plan, and meet the goals of the organization. Moreover, each employee needs to know his or her role in the project. In addition, managers need
to explain the reason and purpose for the project, and the impact of the completed project has on the job. Also, it is recommended each employee sign a
document that he or she understands the project and their role in the project.
  • What is Innovation in Information Technology?
Innovation in Information Technology is discovering new technology that can change or resolve issues, and improve the quality of the Information Technology
Solution. Innovation in Information Technology is needed most when there is an Information Technology Solution. Most of the time technology solutions are aimed
to solve an issue with the organization. Before, an innovation in Information Technology can be researched, it is important to know why there is a need for
innovation. The issue needs to be thoroughly thought out and identify the issue, and the Information Technology that was used before an innovation was needed.
How to find Innovation? It is recommended to start with research. Researching companies with similar issues, it is highly recommended because it will explain to
you have a company with similar issues had solved the issues. Therefore, it is recommended that a research is conducted, comparing Information Technology
Tools for quality, life-cycle, trends, and solutions. For example, a small business decided that they wanted to help people in a natural disaster, but they learned
that the technology was not to rescue the victims of disaster. So, the company had to come up with a proposal that will solve the rescue issues in the disaster.
Therefore, the company decided that the victims, not and Information Technology Infrastructure to reach victims, especially in the rural areas. So, they had built
companies in different location in the country. These different locations will provide them with Internet access. It was important the victims had Internet access
because of communication failure. Having communication failure, victims were not able to reach officials. Therefore, victims were not able to be rescued. So, the
company decided to build an Information Technology Infrastructure that will provide Information Technology Tools, such as, Internet Service Provider (ISP),
cables, wireless, routers, switches, mesh network, LAN, WAN, and computerized system to allow them to communicate through a website to contact a local official
and rescuers in their community. Therefore, the innovation in the Information Technology Infrastructure was to plan to build an infrastructure in the community.
However, innovation in Information Technology is a demand because it either solve problems or change system that will improve the performance of a company.
Each year, technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft or other innovative companies had an idea that would make life better for people and companies.
Many of these innovations are over the Internet, and explained the function, performance and detail of innovated technology. Historically, you could only take two
people using a phone connected to a wire, but now you have different ways of communication, for example, cell phones, computers, and other communication
devices that make life easier, and keep you in connecting with relatives and friends. In addition, innovation is the idea of creation like creating a technology that
can solve issues, make changes, or improve something.
  • What is an Operating Systems?
An operating system is a software then send information to the computer so that it operates. When information is sent to the computer, it can schedule tasks,
execute applications, and control peripherals, and it is a program language that controls and directs the process of the company. It also manages the hardware of
a company, such as, printers, storages, and other devices. Most use operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, but Unix is an operating
system used by multi-users.
  • Objective Oriented Application Development
It defines the objectives of the organization which is the development of an application. Therefore, the application development is put into operation. The
application development is to aim at meeting the objectives of the organization and the needs of users. Therefore, the objectives of the organization are using
programming language that underlies all planning and strategic activities that will develop the application. In addition, the objective oriented application
development is an objective of the oriented language program used in developing the software. Moreover, it is important to understand the policies, evaluating
performance of applications, and compliances and/or laws. Therefore, the objectives include a specific result that the developers aim to achieve by having the
available resources. The application development and the program language are the result of the oriented application development. Therefore, the Objective
Oriented Application Development is the design and development of database, websites and/or application. It is designing, developing software, including data
warehouse and decision support the systems. It also is required methods, quality, principles of data modeling, and practices. Therefore, the objectives are to
develop, create, modify general computer applications software and/or specialized utility programs, and/or develop software solutions. The objectives also are to
design a software or customize a software for the organization and users. It is also recommended that the application is analyzed and tested and design
databases and understand the process, principles, quality, integrity and compliances of the database development. In addition, developers used different type of
computer programs and/or program languages to develop a different type of applications. There are different types of programming languages that do different
type of languages for different type of jobs, it is important that you know which program language to use to do a particular job. Developing an application, it is also
important to gather requirements, design, develop, test and deploy applications, and update user and administrator documentation for application, and all
documentation align with compliances with objectives of the organization; moreover, it is important to understand accessibility and readability for best practice.
However, some tasks and responsibilities may require that you develop front-end and back-end applications, write documentation for code and end users, ability
to work on multiple tasks, work independently or work with other software developers, having a customer-oriented end user support for web and/or SharePoint