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Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Why is education important?
Education is important because it allows you to learn a skill that you can share with your community. In addition, having work experience is just not enough.
Advancing yourself need both work experience and education, work experience and education can take you a long way. Many people want a job promotion, but
they do not make any type of plan or effort to achieve a promotion. Working on a job, but never make any efforts to demonstrate your ability for a job promotion,
likely you would not get the job promotion, but your co-worker might get the job promotion before you. You may feel like it is unfair that your co-worker got a job
promotion, and you have not. However, your co-worker had demonstrated that he or she has the ability to do the job because of his work experience, and he or
she is going back to school to get an education in the job promotion; on the other hand, you have work experience, but do nothing to demonstrate that you can
do the job. However, education has several get reason that a person should make education a goal. First, your family and friends will be proud of you, and
congratulate you on your achievements. In your community, you will stand out among those without an education.
Published Date: November 17, 2017
Secondly, an education can either help you get a promotion or start a business or get a job. Thirdly, you not only set a role model in the community, but you set a
role model for your children, family and friends. Plus, you have an experience you can share with others. With all those advantages that education can give you, it
is time to think about how important education is to you, and where will it take you. On the other hand, people go to college for their own personal reason, it makes
them feel important, and/or put them on the same education level as others. Whatever the reason, purpose or need for an education, it is worth the time and
efforts to achieve a higher education.
  • Before Starting A Business
November 20, 2017
Before starting a business, it is important that you brainstorm some ideas. Write about the things you like to do, and if there is something you enjoy doing or have
a passion for this might just be the idea business plan. After brainstorming your ideas for a business project, it is recommended that you create an idea of your
business plan. After completing your idea, it is recommended that you write a story about your idea and how it will help the community and your customers. Think
about the advantages and disadvantages of the company. Also, think about need of the product or services, including prices. Your story of your business needs
to be a reality. You should come up with geographical locations, demographics, themes, logos, colors, discounts, mission, corporate social responsibilities, and
meetings, marketing, and anything you can think of the will market and promote your business to increase customers and profits. In addition, you should think of
your business like a political campaign that you must win the people in order to service them. You need to think of a philosophy that will motivate people like
politicians do when they want to win an election. Moreover, you should think over your management, and employees. You should research what type of
management style you want to operate your business, and the type of employees you want to work for you. However, if you are thinking about Sole
Proprietorships, you still need to think about your management style, and what type of employee you want to become. Once you think over all the advantages and
disadvantage, including all the related things you need to think over, it is time to conduct a business research. In your business research, you will like to research
a similar company like the one you like to start. You should understand your competitor’s success, market plan, business plan, and revenue and everything about
the company this will provide you with information on how to compete, and not only compete, but help you develop a business plan. The business research should
include mission, corporate social responsibility, competition and product quality and what is selling in the market, especially, in the area you are planning on
selling your goods or services. It is also recommended that you view some of your competitors’ website to see how that design their site to give some ideas how
you should design your website, plus, it is recommended that your website is friendly. You should also conduct a research on web design and development, and
SEO and other tools to promote your business. Moreover, you need to get yourself known in the community and know for what you plan to do. Creating a plan on
getting myself known in the community, it is recommended that you conduct a research and create a plan on the different ways you plan to get your self-known,
also researching people who got themselves to known publicly. Remember, it is like you run for office, and you want to win the election, but it has up to you much
time and investment you want to put in your campaign.
  • Business Success
November 20, 2017
Different people have different meaning for business success, and you too have a different idea of business success. Before thinking about Business Success,
you need to know if your product or service is a Business Success. This means you need to research the statistics of your product or service, and evaluate how
well these products are doing in the market. Also, research other companies that are in the same market, it helps to understand their business success, and how
they went about it to become a success. However, thinking about business success, it is recommended to think about everything that define business, for
example, commercial, mercantile activities, trade, investors, shareholders, customers, industry, enterprise, business district, transactions, economy, economics,
role, function, operation, mission, corporate social responsibility, a field of endeavor, the best product or service in the business, the communication of the
business, management, outsourcing, the Information Technology Tools of the business, direction, aim, launch, creations, movement, advantages and
disadvantages, character, problem solving, repetition, meetings, and training and development. These and more are the road to business success. Therefore, it is
important to know the components of Business Success then put them into action. On the other hand, the reason you are in business to make money. Moreover, if
is up to you have to make money, and it is recommended that you research how other people make money. Learning how other people make money, it can give
your ideas on how making money. Yet, business success can be making money, meeting the needs of customers, and giving you something to do. However, if not
all these things, you should have at least one objective that will help you to become successful in business. If the most important thing to you is your customers, it
is time for you to learn them, for example, characteristics, enjoyment, know their family and friends, and much more. If you are in the business for money, it is time
for you to seek investors who are willing to invest in your business, and have a solid financial resource.
  • When Do My College Degree Fails?
November 20, 2017
Some people think that their college degree had failed when they cannot find a job in the field they had studied. Is this true? For some many it is probable, but it is
not true because a college degree is something a student worked hard to achieve, and nobody can take it away from you. Your degree can do other things like
starting a consulting or researching company. You can also can tutor other students. However, you can sell what you learn from publishing a book about the
course you have learned. On the other hand, you might just be looking a job in your community or state, this means you are not taking all the opportunities offer
to you. When you achieved a degree, your degree is a global service, this means that it can serve anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is recommended that you
allow yourself to seek more opportunities than in your own community, state or country. Many Americans who have degrees had worked overseas. They are
happy too. However, it is hard to leave your country and go to a strange country you know nothing about, but you can research and learn must as you can about
another country, and you might even get homesick, but this is the sacrifice of seeking a career after you graduate. Some people talk about freelancing and other
talks about oversea jobs, but whatever it is making some use of your degree, for example, tutoring students who are studying your degree, work in online school
or teach an online course for a fee. There are many opportunities for people with degrees, but where to start is the question. If you major a degree, it is something
you like about the subject you have majored, and if there is something you like about your degree, you should know what you like to do with it. College grads have
other ways of putting their degree to use, for example, some people use their degree to teach others either for free or paid. Other graduates use their degree to
become an independent contract, entrepreneur, and/or outsourcing resource. However, there are some you can do with your degree. Your college degree fails
when you do not with it or share your experience and knowledge with no one.  However, it is important to research your degree program and the course of the
program to understand your degree and put it to work. You also can write articles about your degree and why you chose your degree, and what is the demand for
your degree in today’s world.