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Whole Foods Market is one of my favorite food store. Everything
at Whole Foods tastes great and they have great organic products.
However, I was surprised to learn that Amazon had made an
acquisition of the market until I had read it on CNBC. My favorite
foods were the pizzas, salads, and  sushi. I love the cheese and
pepperoni pizza, the salad bars and California sushi.
My Favorite Foods Market is Sold
After reading the acquisition of Amazon, it had a clear
definition of an acquisition. Therefore, it is
recommended that you read the acquisition between
Amazon and Whole Foods Market so to understand
the full meaning of an acquisition.

For example, Amazon acquires Whole Foods Market’s
Stock. An Acquisition involves owing at least 50% or
more of the stocks of a company.

Sometimes a company had invested in a different
company than their own, and the company had gained
profits from their investment, so when a company
knows that they have more than 50% of a stock
sometime that the company acquires the stock so they
can have control of the stocks or ownership of the

Sometime if a company knows that a different
company had invested more than 50% in their stock,
they agree to an acquisition of the investing company.
Many times, when this happen, they do not need any
involvement or stakeholders to make the acquisition.
For instance, Amazon had acquired an acquisition
which was the action of Amazon to buy most of
Whole Foods Market’s stocks and/or 50% of the
stocks so to have some control of the stocks.

This had acquired when Amazon had acquired more
than 50% and/or to have ownership of the Whole
Foods Market’s stocks which is part of the exchange
and/or Amazon had acquired the purchase of Whole
Foods Market’s stocks and other assets, so Amazon
had the opportunity to pay for the stocks in cash and
without approval of the shareholders of the company.
What is an Acquisition?
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