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Quantitative Methods Analysis
Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Quantitative Methods Analysis
In the Quantitative Methods and Analysis, the three components of Quantitative Methods, and Analysis, for example, measuring, practice, and interpretation. First,
Quantitative is the measuring of products, for example, the number of products or number of products is needed to meet the needs of the customers, and/or sell
to customers. It is a type of measures, such as, amount, length or height. However, it is important that the company has enough goods and/or services to sell to
customers. For example, if a company has a thousand of customers a week, and they need a buy a thousand products to sell or more than thousands of products
to satisfy and meet the needs of customers, but sometime companies do not purchase enough products; when this happen, some customers will be satisfied, and
others not satisfied. If a company does not have enough products to sell, the customers that are not satisfied, the company will lose customers, and they will go
somewhere else to buy products. On the other hand, it is recommended that the managerial accounting is aligned with the needs of the customers. It is also
recommended that the management accounting uses the Quantitative Methods and Analysis for best practice. Secondly, methods are practiced. This means the
approach used to understand the behavior and the relationship between the customers and product.  Each company has a method that is used to understand the
impact the products have on the customers, and the impact the customers have about the products.   Moreover, the study of customers' behavior and the
relationship to products and/or company are collecting information from surveys, statistics, and feedbacks. The mission statement of the company is extremely
important because it is the philosophy of the company, and it is also a promise of the company, and a belief, trust, and delivering the products to customers.
However, each company has different techniques and practices to sell goods or services to customers. A method of a company is the approach behavior and
relationship that demonstrates the characteristics of the customers and products, and the relationship between the customers and the company, and the
relationship and the behavior between the customers and employees. Methods are planned, practice and techniques to increase customers, profits, and
sustainability. Thirdly, the analysis is the interpretation of the economics of the company. The interpretation of the economics of the company, it allows a company
to make future sales forecasts and other important decisions, such as, prices, products, and profits. Using either the financial management report or managerial
accounting report is recommended for analysis, the reports are identified and measured, providing data information for analysis. The reports also provide a
detailed examination of any complexes in the reports to understand the nature of the behaviors and relationship of profits and financial issues to make changes
and decisions. However, it is recommended to conduct a Quantitative and Qualitative Research to provide innovative ideas, and make changes and decisions. It is
also recommended to compare products and prices, competitors, and gathering information from the internal and external environment of the organization,
including hypotheses.