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The World of Business Culture
Business Administration & Information Technology
  • The World of Business Culture
It varies from country to country, and either each industry, or business has its own culture. It is also important to identify the characteristics of a business, including
the business structure. The characteristics of a business environment, for example, the entity, behavior, relationship, integrity, trust, products, services,
technology, policies, practices, ethics and belief system. In addition, it is not only an industry or business, but it is either an occupation, profession, or career. In
the World of Business Culture, it is suggested to
study cultures, globally. Other characteristics of a business, transactions are extremely important, and
transactions are aligned with regulations and compliances. It is also recommended to apply good faith in doing business on the globe. Globally, business cultures
are influenced of societies, politics, and internal and external environments, and the human development. In human development, each individual has her or his
own human development that impact the business culture. Therefore, it is recommended to study early childhood development, development and aging, including
human resources, and global business laws.