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Darlena Pagan, AABA, BBA, MS
Business Administration & Information Technology
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Darlena is an academic information resource journal that provides a short description and information on academic subjects and/or courses related to
subject areas, such as, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology.
In addition, Darlena Pagan is the founder of She had graduated from graduate school and plans to share her knowledge and skills over
the internet with students and others. She knows what it takes to achieve a college degree. Achieving a college degree is hard and dedicate work, and you must
be willing to learn, moreover, this is why she had created her own website not only to her students to understand business and technology, but to allow others to
know her through her academic experiences and skills in business and technology. is a website that provides more than subjects in
business and technology, but it also includes subject, for example, Human Resources Management, and Criminal Justice. In Business Administration, she had
achieved an AABA in Business Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice. Later, she achieved a BBA in Business Administration with a concentration
in Human Resources Management. A continuation of her college experience, she had achieved a Master’s Degree in Information Technology specializing in web
design. Because research and finding resources for college work, it is hard, dedicated work, and long hours of work to find research papers and/or resources to
complete a college project, this is the reason for designing and developing a website to meet the needs of college students and users who need the information to
achieve their goals in college, the workplace or to gain personal knowledge. The purpose is to achieve your college work through academic research and
resources that allow you to complete your college projects. Completing your college projects are step to achieving a higher degree; therefore, it is important to
have the academic research papers and resources to meet the requires of your school and achieve your goals for a college degree. In the about page, it helps
you to understand the different things you should know before attending college as mention below:
  • Darlena Pagan, AABA, BBA, MS
  • Focusing on Academics
Focusing on related education, it is the first step toward academic achievement. Following pedagogical method of instruction, it is the next step toward achieving
your goal. Academic Theory depends the level of the college degree and the field of the degree. There are different types of degrees, for example, Associate of
Arts (A.A.) or (A.A.B.A), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or (BBA), Bachelor of Science (B.S.),
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), and Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Business Administration (MBA),
Master of Fine Arts (MFA), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). These degrees
describe the type of subject either the degree is an art or science, including philosophy, but there is a difference between art and science including philosophy.
For example, a college degree in technology is a degree or science, but a college degree in business is a degree of art. However, there are other type of degree,
for example, jurisdiction, dentist, medical and others depending on the selected degree program. On the other hand, it is recommended to understand the type
and level of degrees to meet your needs and goals. Focusing on academics, it is recommended to consult with someone who understands the different level and
type of degrees, and the job market for these degrees.

Choosing the right college, it is recommended that you visit the United States Department of Education. The United States Department of Education provides
information and/or resources on Accreditation for universities, colleges, and higher education at However, each accredited
institute has different tuition prices and requirements that students must meet before attending college; therefore, it is recommended to consult with an
educational adviser or your high school counselor.

When attending college, it is recommended that you understand different methods and systems, for example, theory, concept, philosophy, and a thesis,
hypothesis, and ethics, integrity regulations, policies, and compliance, psychology, and sociology. These are most likely used to achieve academic foundation in
education based on fundamental and developmental stages in higher education.

Financing your education, it requires that you either you have an education fund or need to find financial funds for college. If you do not have money to pay for
college, it is recommended that you visit the FAFSA on the Web - Federal Student Aid at to learn more about financing college tuition.
However, if you do not know how to fill for Federal Student Aid, it is important that you consult a Financial Advisor to help you fill out your Federal Student Aid
application. However, there are scholarships, but it is recommended that you consult with a financial advisor who can provide you with information and
requirements for different scholarship.
Studying is important in college because it is the only way to achieve your goal of an education and a degree, it is recommended that you find a quiet place where
you can study without any distraction. Plus, it is suggested that you create a schedule on the hours and days you plan to study. It is important to create a study
plan because it helps you to organize your life obligations between school and work. It has also leveled responsibility and create a time management that allows
you to complete all your daily tasks. If you have children, time management is highly recommended because you have to have enough time to do everything in a
day. Depending on how old your children are, they can help with time management and make things easy for you, but if your children are too young; therefore, it
is suggested to have friends and family to help you with your children and know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. It is also recommended to provide all
your care given your schedule, so they know where you are at all time in case of an emergency. Creating a family plan and strategy, it is important that you create
a plan, including all your activities in your family, education, household, and work plan. Scheduling of the tasks in the home, it makes a great difference in
managing time and meeting your obligations. You will need to make an outline of all the tasks of you and your family; however, here is a demonstration of a Family
Plan as show below:
  • Studying Is Important In College
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  • Human Resources
  • Legal & Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice
Darlena is an academic and information resource journal that provides short description and information on academic subjects and/or course in
subject areas, such as, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology. Studying and Working together
with Students to achieve a college degree, and Improve Communities by visiting the website to gain information about courses related to Business Administration,
Human Resources Management, Criminal Justice and Information Technology. Providing a short description and information about different courses related to the
subjects that are covered on the site help students to have a general idea of the subject for further research to complete assignments. Economically, each
student or potential college student read the website and learn a general idea of the subject, especially, Information Technology is expected to continue their
education in technology to share and build communities through Information Technology. Students also learn short description about diversity and the problems
that global business has overseas because of language barriers. Therefore, the strategy is to encourage users to aim for a college degree to promote the welfare
of their community, with their knowledge and skills they will make communities more profitable, including sustainability. The Theory and practice are based on
integrity, ethics and principles.